• I’m a consultant and coach to senior executives and
    a PhD candidate at Harvard Business School.

    I’m devoted to helping executives lead change and innovation
    through inspired design of teams, organizations, and strategic processes.

  • James Dillon
  • An independent consultant since 2005, I partner with senior leaders to transform organizations and engender agile strategies in the face of shifting technologies and competitive markets. My approach blends my early-career experience in strategy consulting at Monitor Group with expertise on leadership and teams honed at Harvard. My collaborators and I help senior leaders bring out the best in their teams and organizations by refreshing their approach to leadership and work processes.

    I’ve consulted around the world to diverse industries, including finance, publishing, education, telecommunications, energy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and logistics. I maintain research relationships with other executives in the manufacturing, consulting, and healthcare sectors.

  • My executive coaching grew out of consulting work and executive education, but also operates independently now. I’ve coached mid-level and senior managers or facilitated daily workgroups in more than a dozen executive-education programs at Harvard Business School since 2008; this work helps leaders translate classroom material into real change in their organizations. I also taught at Harvard College, where I designed and led a course on organizational change.

    Staying close to research is important, because that’s where many new insights come from—it’s where we can test and generalize our intuition. My research program seeks to understand which leadership practices promote improvement and change in organizations. I work with CEOs and

  • executive teams of major multinationals for my current research, which examines strategy-formation and leadership processes in senior management. My dissertation describes how effective CEOs use custom-designed working groups to impose discipline on an unwieldy stream of strategic issues. It reveals how the best leaders harness the power of teams — while avoiding their hazards — to create an adaptive strategy process with superior innovation and competitive outcomes.

    I earned a BS in accounting from Brigham Young University, the AM and EdM in psychology from Harvard University, and am near completion of the PhD in organizational behavior at Harvard Business School.

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