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Teams at the Top

Master the disciplines that make good executive teams great

Based on original research from the HBS "Top Teams" project, ... With fresh insights from cutting-edge research and our years of experience advising executive while injecting clarity and energy into the senior team’s work. In both depth and breadth, this is the most comprehensive view of executive-team effectiveness available anywhere.

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Creativity isn't bottled up in R&D. Tap into your whole company's power for novelty, and harness it for both focused improvements and radical new ventures.

Leading Teams

Discover the 5 essential drivers of team effectiveness

Grounded in research from Harvard and other leading universal performance, and identify practical actions to set your people up for success and unleash the latent power in the teams that make your organization work.

About James

James Dillon is a leading advisor to executive teams on strategy and organization. He is the principal author of the Top Teams Study at Harvard Business School and is a leading authority on executive-team dynamics and decision-making effectiveness.

Mr. Dillon honed his strategic abilities as a strategy consultant at Monitor Group (Michael Porter's strategy consultancy); then as a student of Clayton Christensen (Innovator's Dilemma) and Amy Edmonson (Teaming) who jointly advised his doctoral work on strategic and organizational dynamics in executive teams.

An independent consultant since 2005, Mr. Dillon partners with senior leaders to transform organizations and engender agile strategies in the face of shifting technologies and competitive markets. He is the principal member of a network of highly experienced consultants, from which he hand-selects a bespoke team of advisors for each engagement.

He has consulted to firms in diverse industries, including software, finance, publishing, education, energy, telecomm, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and logistics. He maintains research relationships with executives in the manufacturing, consulting, telecomm, and medical-devices sectors.

Mr. Dillon previously taught at Harvard College, where he designed and led a course on organizational change. As an expert advisor, he helped redesign an HBS executive education program to help participants translate classroom material into real change in their organizations. He reserves time each year to coach high-potential managers in Harvard's Program for Leadership Development and in the Advanced Management Program.

His research and consulting are devoted to helping executives lead change through inspired design of teams, organizations, and strategic processes.

Mr. Dillon holds the BS in accounting from Brigham Young University, the AM and EdM in psychology from Harvard, and is near completion of the PhD in organizational behavior at Harvard Business School.