Strategy & Organizational Consulting

We help executives produce the change, innovation, and profitability they envision. Our common-sense approach to raising performance is founded on broad experience and infused with deep research expertise. We combine an intimate knowledge of cutting-edge management research with years of experience helping executives resolve their most challenging dilemmas.

Our consulting projects meld three "insight ingredients"—expert knowledge, penetrating analysis, and process leadership—in unique proportions to strengthen your foundation for future performance. We help clients lead a process to bring strategic clarity and unified action to their executive team and the whole organization. We'll design a customized service that precisely blends the ingredients you need to close the gap between current performance and your potential.

You may need to capture new market opportunities, kick-start growth in a lethargic culture, raise the bar on innovation, or bring profitability back to a sagging P&L. These achievements occur only when three business elements flow together perfectly: leadership, organization, and strategy.

Bringing insights from experience and research, we'll join you in a robust process to help you understand where you are now, see clearly where you need to go, and determine how you are going to get there. We'll meet you where you need help most, whether it's recharting strategy, aligning the organization, improving leadership—or all of the above.

Our services are focused in 3 areas to lift your strategy, your organization, and your top team to the next level:

Our services are focused in 3 areas to lift your strategy, your organization, and your top team to the next level:

Unambiguous Strategy

Create profitable growth through the right market offerings and improved competitive positioning—and ensure it's well understood and subscribed to. We'll quickly identify the areas that need clarity a and work closely with you to the Let's talk about a simple question you can ask today to find out how well

Aligned Action

When people fail to execute, there's usually a good reason. Set your organization up for success by aligning your capabilities and resources with your strategic objectives. We'll help you identify and remove obstacles to success and design a system built to deliver.

Leadership Agility

You've seen the benefits of Agile for IT and R&D. Now adopt the corresponding management practices to stay in front of future strategic opportunities without neglecting the urgent needs of the current business. It's the proven way to ensure strategic responsiveness for the future.

Engagement Models

Choose a customized combination of facilitated offsites, workshops, Exec Ed Briefings™, executive team acceleration, and individual coaching to best suit your needs.

Start a Conversation

Considering how we can help? Let's discuss your objectives and how we can acheive them together.