Join a Study

Thanks for you interest in joining this research study about senior executive teams. I am fortunate to have the guidance of HBS professors Amy Edmondson and Clayton Christensen on this study.  We believe it is a promising area of research and are enthusiastic about the results we see emerging from the other leading firms that are participating.

When the study is complete, and well before publication, participating executives will be offered a briefing on the findings of the study, giving them an early insights into best and worst practices gathered from the industry-leading (but anonymous) companies already in the study.

Research Overview  The broad goal of this research is to get an accurate understanding of teamwork at the top of a company. Much has been written about the top management team, but we have limited understanding of the other small-group efforts, committees, and informal collaborations that pervade most executive-level work — and even more limited understanding of what these groups really do and how they interface with the executive team for development of strategy and overall leadership of the enterprise.

Many executives have expressed to us their interest in learning better ways of organizing decision processes, which coincides with our scholarly interest in producing a reliable framework to guide these practices in large organizations.

How to Join  We are looking to add 1-2 additional companies to the study.  Participating firms or major business units should have at least $250 million in annual revenue and an executive team whose members are willing to grant 2-3 hours of interview time each.  We are particularly interested in recruiting firms in very fast moving industries that experience frequent pressures for strategic or business-model change.

To suggest a firm that might be interested in joining the study, please contact me at jdillon