I help leaders build excellent teams and extend their influence through the organization using thoughtful process design.

My work with senior executives combines insights from cutting-edge management research at Harvard Business School with years of experience advising companies in dynamic environments.

One focus of my work is the senior team.  I collaborate closely with CEOs and their teams to (1) unravel the roots of their most vexing challenges, (2) catalyze the top team around a plan for renewal, (3) design and manage an adaptive strategy process, and (4) set in place the organizational conditions that enable focused execution and agile response to change.

In larger engagements, or where specialized expertise is needed, you’ll gain access to trusted partners from my network who will collaborate with us to ensure you receive cutting edge insights for world-class solutions.  Through the process, we combine insights founded on our deep expertise in both strategy and organizations.

  • Re-Couple Strategy and Organization

    Is your organization executing well on its current strategy, but struggling to capture new opportunities?
    Does your latest change effort keep getting stuck at the same friction points in the organization?

    Relentless competitive and technological change demands ongoing engagement on both strategy and execution. Strategy must be approached as a continuous process that ties closely to organizational and resource-allocation decisions throughout the year.

    Achieving success now and in the changing future can be designed into your management processes and your organization.

    My advisory work helps executives achieve congruence between their strategic intent and the capabilities of their organization. This can take at least two forms:

    • designing innovation strategies that match your organization’s capabilities or growth requirements.
    • realigning your organization to enable new strategic growth while continuing to deliver efficient profitability in existing businesses.
  • Forge Top-Team Effectiveness

    Does your executive team regularly solve important problems, but rarely gain fresh strategic insight?

    In closely related work, I help senior teams redesign their work processes to capture the full force of their firm’s collective experience—spending less time for more insight, while injecting clarity and energy into the senior team’s work.

    Contact me to learn how your team or management offsite can benefit from expert consulting, or to schedule a keynote presentation.