I am available for keynote speaking on the following topics at your next off-site meeting or internal training program.  Or let’s work together to design a talk or workshop that suits your needs.

Teams at the Top. Revolutionary, research-based insights into the disciplines that make good leadership teams great. Based on the results of the Top Teams Study, which I led at Harvard Business School, and other leading research on executive teams and decision making, I identify the 4 ways top teams struggle and even fail, and explain how successful executive teams overcome these traps and lead themselves to success. By putting these principles into practice, you’ll see rapid improvements in pace and quality of decisions, greater facility in managing organizational and strategic issues as they arise — and ultimately revitalize leadership throughout the organization.
most appropriate as an executive-team workshop, including a conversation about your team’s effectiveness. Such a workshop can fit within a longer offsite or as part of an internal effort to help your team raise its game to new heights.

Unleashing Teams, Top to Bottom. How successful CEOs organize teams of executives and middle managers for strategic responsiveness.  Cutting-edge research combines with the examples from the trenches to explain how the best CEOs employ design principles to orchestrate an adaptive process.  Includes a discussion of three key leverage points executives can use:

  1. the formal management team
  2. ad-hoc strategy working groups
  3. team-based collaborations for innovation across functional areas and business units

appropriate for leadership meetings including the top several layers of management.

Fit for Growth. Growth is the inescapable imperative of every large business. Whether this takes the form margin improvement, expanding to new customers and geographies, or innovating into new products and services, the fit (or lack of fit) between an opportunity and the organization’s capabilities will determine success or failure.

This workshop will apply research-based case examples and expert frameworks to this perennial leadership question: “Does this promising growth opportunity match what our company does well, and in what ways doesn’t it fit?” We’ll also discuss how to recognize, even before an acquisition or launching a new product, whether significant organizational changes will be required to deliver on a strategic effort—and if those changes are wise to make. We’ll consider how strategic positioning can sometimes be adjusted to fit the organization’s capabilities.

Appropriate for any audience, the presentation and workshop activities will reveal best practices, spark new thinking, foster shared language and understanding, and help participants become more aligned across organizational boundaries.

Leading Adaptive Change.  Key leverage points for leaders to create more adaptive organizations: whether guiding the firm as a whole, leading a focused team effort, or fostering change in your one-on-one interpersonal relationships.

Fueling the Learning Organization.  Practical actions that can be taken by employees at all levels of the firm that will increase your organization’s adaptability and competitive responsiveness.

Making the Cut.  Compare stories of high-potential managers who made the career transitions they were seeking with those who didn’t, and take away the 5 principles that enable successful growth into new roles. Founded in research from top scholars, and brought to life by my experience coaching high-potential leaders from across the globe.


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