How We Work

Our expert knowledge applied to your unique situation makes for powerful workshops and talks.

Based in Sound Science

Presentations and insights are grounded in the highest quality research, both our own and that of our colleagues. You can be confident in the quality of the frameworks and recommendations we bring.

Customized to Your Needs

We'll work together in advance to identify the specific needs of your company or team [and the industry trends] so we can emphasize the most relevant materials and exercises.

Action Oriented

We're business consultants, so our talks go beyond "engaging" and "thought provoking." They're designed to lead to action, with clearer thinking to illuminate the path forward, plus practical next steps to get started quickly.

Real Value

We understand the bottom line. We're committed to producing workshops, talks, and offsites that move the drivers of value in your firm and align with your event objectives.

Interactive & Experiential

Workshops can include practice and experimentation with new methods, so participants learn better by wrestling with new ideas and practicing new skills.


Presentations are updated to stay abreast of the latest trends in technology, the economy, and your industry. Learn more with fresh perspective on what the future holds.

Fit for Growth

Align your organization with the future

Growth is the inescapable imperative of every business, whether it's margin improvement, simple expansion, or business model innovation. Learn how to recognize and create fit between an opportunity and your organization's capabilities, to ensure success and avoid failure.

Teams at the Top

How good executive teams become great

Bring out the best in your leadership team and extend their influence through the organization using the toolkit and routines discovered in the Top Teams Study at Harvard. Enjoy greater insight, clarity, and energy in your team’s work.

Innovate Everywhere

Find fresh ideas & initiative to break new ground

Creativity isn't bottled up in R&D. Tap into your whole company's power for novelty, and harness it for both focused improvements and radical new ventures.

Leading Teams

Discover the drivers of team effectiveness

Hear how team leaders from business and government to sports and the performing arts have used research-based principles to bring out the very best in their teams—delivering on their aspirations, while sparking individual growth and becoming more capable performing units over time. Unleash the latent power in the teams that make your organization work.

Let's Talk About Your Event

Considering how I can add to your upcoming event? Let's talk about your objectives and how we can acheive them together.